Wilson's Disease

Homeopathy Treatment for Wilson's Disease: Rare Genetic Disorders


The Homeopathic Approach for Wilson’s Disease: Rare Genetic Disorders, offers a holistic and individualized treatment to address the symptoms and underlying causes. With personalized remedies, it aims to improve the patient’s well-being and overall health, providing a gentle and safe therapeutic approach for this challenging condition.

Wilson’s Disease, a rare hereditary disorder, affects copper metabolism within the body. It typically manifests during adolescence or early adulthood, resulting in an excessive accumulation of copper in the liver and other tissues. A key characteristic of this disease is a deficiency in the plasma protein, ceruloplasmin.

The accumulation of copper seems to arise from a defective copper excretion mechanism, attributed to a gene mutation. Liver disease often accompanies Wilson’s Disease, frequently exhibiting symptoms of cirrhosis and fulminant hepatitis. This condition may also lead to neurological and psychiatric symptoms, such as dystonia, tremors, and incoordination, due to degenerative processes and softening in the brain. A common sign of Wilson’s Disease is a distinct brownish pigmentation in the cornea. Hemolytic anemia is another associated condition.

Diagnostic tests for Wilson’s Disease include serum ceruloplasmin levels, 24-hour urine copper, liver copper, and haplotype analysis. A liver biopsy is considered the gold standard for diagnosis. The Nazer prognostic index is often used to evaluate patients who require medical treatment. A score less than 6 indicates the need for medical treatment, while scores above 10 suggest the necessity for a liver transplant. Prognostic index factors include serum bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT, and prothrombin time values.

Homeopathic treatment in India of Wilson’s Disease typically involves dietary changes and medication. Patients are advised to follow a low-copper diet and avoid using copper cookware. Medication depends on a thorough examination and detailed clinical analysis of the patient. As there’s no fixed treatment pattern, organopathic medicines used for liver stasis, such as Bryonia, Chelidonium, Phosphorus, Natrum Sulph, and Lycopodium, may be utilized.

Revolutionizing Wilson’s Disease Treatment:Homeopathy Wins

In the summer of 2022, a patient from a neighboring district sought treatment for Wilson’s Disease. He was previously treated with chelating agents at a prestigious hospital in Delhi. Upon examination, it was observed that the patient’s confidence was affected due to his condition. A regimen of Phosphorus and Silicea 3X was prescribed, followed by repeated doses of Chelidonium 6X. After one month, the patient’s condition improved significantly. He is currently symptom-free and no longer requires allopathic medication.

A similar case involved a 17-year-old boy from Sadabad, Hathras. His condition improved after treatment with Lycopodium and Chelidonium. Homeopathy has proven to be remarkably effective in treating rare cases of Wilson’s Disease and associated liver cirrhosis. Dr. Ankur Prakash is a skilled homeopathy Cancer Specialist in india and also rare genetic disorders like Wilson’s Disease.

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