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Dr. Ankur Prakash BHMS (Gold Medalist, Pune)

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Hello, I am Dr. Ankur Prakash

BHMS (Gold Medalist, Pune), CCH, CGO, CSD, MD (Medicine Homeo.)

Dr. Ankur Prakash is a leading homeopathic doctor in India. He specializes in Cancer Treatment, Kidney Failure, Skin Diseases, Thyroid Treatment and various other medical ailments with homeopathy. We provide the most professional and personalized care to our patients because we understand that they come first. He takes time to understand each patient’s individual needs and works closely with them to develop personalized treatment plans that suit their lifestyle and goals. With his expertise, he can provide effective treatments for even the most difficult cases.

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DR Ankur is one of the most experienced homeopathy doctors in India, with years of experience in treating complex diseases like cancer, kidney failure, thyroid and skin diseases.

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We offer the most economical healthcare solutions for all kinds of ailments, making it easier for everyone to access quality healthcare services.

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