what is bowel cancer

Cancer Colon or bowel cancer is a condition which usually shows no specific alarming symptoms in the beginning. However, certain symptoms of bowel cancer that show up early can act as warning signs. If one is aware of these symptoms of bowel cancer, one can be alert and keep a watch. As with most diseases, the earlier a cancer is caught, better are the chances of fighting against it.
Symptoms of Bowel Cancer:
1. Change in bowel habits – alternate diarrhea and constipation
2. Change in consistency of stool – Soft, semi-solid to watery stool
3. A person passes stool more times than usual
4. Bleeding from the rectum or blood in stools
5. Unsatisfactory evacuation of stool
6. Feeling of discomfort and pain in the abdomen
7. Increased formation of gas
8. Difficult digestion
9. Unexplained loss of weight
10. Extreme weakness and lethargy
Homeopathy and Bowel Cancer:
Homeopathy for bowel cancer is a good option in treatment. Homeopathy helps bring about control in the symptoms. It helps to reduce the disease. Symptoms like pain and bleeding can be reduced. It also helps reduce the speed of progress of the disease.
Homeopathy can be used in later stages of cancer also. After chemo and radiation, the side effects of the therapies can be reduced.
—dr ankur prakash M.D (homoeopathy)

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